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Speedwell (Veronica)

Speedwell (Veronica) is a plant genus of the family Plantaginaceae. they are about  300 species. In Bulgaria they meet between 40 and 50 species, depending on taxonomic concept (some species are separated in kind Pseudolysimachion). Some are found at sea level, others - in fields and forests, and the third - the highest mountain peaks. Name of the genus comes from the time when they bloom (April-May) when celebrated Easter.

Especially popular is the medical speedwell (Veronica officinalis). To is a perennial herb distributed throughout deciduous and coniferous forests.

For medical use surface part (infusions).

вторник, 12 март 2013 г.

Ficaria Verna

Ficaria verna is a very common herb. Begins to bloom in March. It is a perennial plant.
Ficaria verna has yellow flowers.

Pansy (Viola tricolor)

Pansy (Viola tricolor) is a flower of the genus Violet, odorless. Blooms in spring and summer.

Simple orchid

Simple orchid

Primrose (Latin Primula)

Primrose (Latin Primula) is a genus comprising about 400-500 species of perennial herbaceous plants in the family Primulaceae, many of them are hybrids

Clover (Trifolium)

Clover (Trifolium) is a genus of plants of the legume family, distributed mainly in the temperate latitudes of the northern hemisphere. Some of the species are cultivated for fodder, especially white clover Trifolium repens and Red clover Trifolium pratense.Clovers have three leaves a characteristic stem.

Very rare specimen with four leaves, another that believes that finding a copy Four brings happiness.

Tintyava (Gentiana)

Gentian (Gentiana cruciata) is a herbaceous perennial plant of the genus Tintyava. Low growing in tufts. The leaves are oblong or elliptical, dark green, glossy, with a clear zhilkuvane. The colors are dark blue or blue-purple, and are grouped in the top part of the leaves. It blooms from June to October.

Gentiana has healing properties - used for gastritis, colitis, liver disease, anemia, jaudice.